Lycoming jet turbine engine

Completely marinized TM 1850 with exhaust and air intake.

Turbine Marine 1800 Offshore Extreme Class

Introducing the Turbine Marine Extreme Turbine Class engine package, the TM 1850.

The Turbine Marine Extreme Class engine package was developed exclusively in partnership with the leader in high performance marine turbines development and service, the Florida based company Turbine Marine Inc, of Pompano Beach Florida.

The goal behind the new engine package was to develop an ultra high-horse power race engine, that was safe and inexpensive to run, multi-fuel capable, and that could be operated for a minimum of an entire race season at WOT without needing any internal inspection or overhaul. After years of research and development and testing, this task was accomplished by fully marinizing well known turbo prop engines. The TM 1850 has 1850hp at 100%-104% engine speed (N1) @ 60F.

The TM 1850 turbine engines start out as military surplus, timed-out engines that are given new life at Turbine Marine Inc. fully staffed overhaul facility. The engines are completely disassembled for inspection, overhaul, balance and removal of high corrosive alloys. At the time of re-assembly, most of the high corrosive alloys (magnesium housings and steel hardware) are then replaced with specially developed hard coated aluminum housings and stainless hardware, to ease the maintenance in the harsh marine environment.

Top mount starter/generator with SS splash cover.

Turbine Marine Inc is also the first company to offer a TM 1850 engine with a top mounted starter/generator. This engine modification alone, has been the single most important step in creating a true Marine turbine engine. In the past, the starter was mounted on the bottom of the engine, as it would be in the aircraft. However, in a boat, this would locate the starter 3” away from the bilge water, and problems, making maintenance and replacement of the starter impossible without engine removal. This issue has been the single largest downfall of the turbine engine in marine applications, and it is now solved. Removal of a starter for service on an engine package requires only 3 minutes and a 9/16 wrench. This and all the other turbine modifications come as standard equipment on the TM Offshore Extreme class engine package. After every engine has been re-assembled by our master turbine mechanics, they are re-inspected, dressed with accessories and run on the in house Dyno. Every engine is tested and tuned to perfection before it is installed in the boat. The fully overhauled and marinized Turbine engine is only one part of the complete turbine package.



Standard new boat turbine configuration with surface drives











The package also includes:

  • Custom fabricated 316 L alloy water cooled exhaust system, polished to a mirror finish.
  • 110 gal per min electric raw water system, with SS water strainer, for cooling of all engine, exhaust, gearbox, and steering fluids.
  • T-6 6061 billet aluminum bell housing, brake, gearbox combination.
  • Aqua-drive CV joints drive shaft system.
  • Custom fabricated fresh air engine intake, with built-in engine (compressor) wash down system.
  • High pressure fuel system with priming pumps. Pumps by Aeromotive and Holly, braded SS lines and fittings from Aeroquip.    
  • Custom made mechanical Billet Stainless and aluminum power steering pump. Pump supplies 5.5gpm up to 1500psi.
  • Dry sump engine oil system with a 4gal oil tank with a built-in return oil wire mesh filter. All lines are SS Aeroquip.
  • Turbine engine management gauges with engine alarms and auto shut down. Gauges have built- in play back data logger feature.
  • Throttles and shifters from Latham Marine with built-in micro switches for brake system and engine wash.
  • 24V and 12V electrical dry cell battery and charging system, 24V system produces ample power (300amps per engine) to operate aircraft style electric 12,000 BTU A/C and climate control system for full canopied boats.
  • (A/C system is an Option, and is not included in the engine package).
  • World class rigging of all equipment, using only the best materials available.

The TM engine package also includes: Turbine Marine operation and maintenance training, 24-7 phone help and support from Turbine Marines Inc’s founder and President John Arruda.


Contact John Arruda at 954.979.4409 U.S.A. or e-mail